Third Bleakwater Expedition


Decades after the failure of the Second Bleakwater Expedition, Captain Skylyx Admonitus purchased his own ship and the loyalty of several hundred experienced sailors and set out on what he called the “Expedition of the Carta”. His goal was to travel across the entire world and create the most comprehensive map possible, without owing allegiance to any one kingdom. His crew began their journey by traveling through the Bleak Waters with the aid of a small band of rebel Stormquellers. Months later, the ship he had taken with him washed ashore on the Isles of Achmennar with only a handful of surviving crewmen. One of the scouts had with him a map of the first land discovered beyond the Bleak Waters, a small island called Gehinnom, named after the Old Elvish word for “prosperity.”

The Expedition and Tarisian Revisionism

The Tarisian Empire was quick to lay claim to the remnants of the Expedition, claiming that since all members involved were Tarisian and that it had been helmed by a Tarisian captain, that it would be considered a success for the Empire and all attempts to claim Gehinnom would be met with hostile action. The event was later recorded in Tarisian books as the Third Bleakwater Expedition, even though no Tarisian funding had originally been donated to the effort. Though the aftermath of the Expedition led to the Burning of the World, it is still considered a successful expedition and no attempts have yet been made to recreate the success of Captain Admonitus.

Third Bleakwater Expedition

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