Second Bleakwater Expedition


The Second Bleakwater Expedition is one of the greatest mysteries on record within the Tarisian Empire. Fully stocked ships crewed by the most experienced sailors in the Empire set out under the command of Captain Alexander Crozier to explore the Bleak Waters. Unlike the previous expedition, a team of twenty Stormquellers accompanied each of the three ships involved in the undertaking, and successfully kept the waters calm until the ships were well out of sight of the Imperial Port the expedition was launched from. For several months following the expedition’s launch, reports were taken to the king by the Communion, and all seemed to be going well. After the expedition touched down on uncharted land, however, the Communion could no longer look in on the crew, and several weeks later the expedition was deemed a failure and the crew pronounced dead.


Many conspiracy theories abound regarding the Second Bleakwater Expedition, the most prominent of which is that the ships were in fact a complicated glamer produced by the Imperial Illusionists to instill some measure of faith in Tarisian exploration efforts. Others insist that the expedition was real, but that the crew were quickly devoured by the nameless Titan that would later follow the Third Bleakwater Expedition and lead to the Burning of the World. Ultimately, all thoughts regarding the Second Expedition are at best theories, and at worst insane ramblings.

The Second Bleakwater Expedition and the Order of the Winged Traitor

The Order of the Winged Traitor believes that the Second Expedition was not doomed by Titans, but by poisoned rations and unpredictable weather patterns outside the control of Stormquellers. They hold that the Expedition landed not on dry land, but on a sheet of ice trapped in the whirling storms of the Bleak Waters, and the crew died out once parts of the sheet melted away and they could not return to their ship. The Order claims that this information was bestowed upon them by the spirit of Zagan, who merely wishes for the atrocities committed by Titans to be attributed accurately.

Second Bleakwater Expedition

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