Also known as the Winged Traitor, Zagan did not rebel against the Old Gods to end their influence in the world. He sought to become one of them and fight against his brothers.


Zagan is often portrayed in his post-traitor form, with a great pair of white wings soaked in blood protruding from his back. In all depictions, Zagan sports a pair of bull’s horns growing from his forehead, and is seen wielding a large greatsword soaked in the blood of both Titans and Old Gods.

Role in the War

The Legend of the Titan War states that Zagan was responsible for killing only one Old God, but which one died by his hand is never named. He tore the wings from the back of the fallen deity and crudely threaded them into his own back, where they joined to his form of their own volition. Shortly afterward, as he flew about to mock his brethren who were still forced to tread on the ground, Eqkuri killed him by hurling the dead deity’s corpse into the air and knocking Zagan from the sky. Zagan survived the fall, but Ekquri then crushed the skull of the once-Titan between his great palms and continued the war without mourning.


The Order of the Winged Traitor is a fringe religion found mainly in Miefarr that believes Zagan should be considered an Old God, despite serving as one for a very brief time. Members of the sect also believe that many of the other Titans deserve godhood, as they succeeded in besting most of the Old Gods in combat. Members of the Order are very rarely taken seriously, and are widely considered to be the most insane of the Titan-worshipers.


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