Tarisian Empire

Founded at some point in the Middle Centuries Dai Siochan, the Tarisian Empire is regarded as the most powerful force in the known world, controlling all of the Drochdae Sea and several territories in the Bleak Waters. The first known Tarisian Emperor was Gora Tari, and his bloodline has never been contested or removed from power. The current Tarisian Emperor is Chross Tari, who rules alongside Empress M’shayla Ilin-Tari.

The Tarisians are feared far and wide for their mastery of the arcane arts, and the vast majority of royal decrees passed in the Thirteenth Century Dai Codag have been in favor of spreading arcane teachings to a greater number of people under the Empire’s rule. As a result, even most commoners in the Empire’s territories have at least a rudimentary understanding of arcane magic, if not enough knowledge to successfully cast several cantrips to assist in daily tasks.

The Tarisian Empire and the Burning of the World

In the early days of the Dai Codag, several of the strongest powers in the world were united against a great threat: a Titan who had survived the Titan War in a suspended state, lying just beyond the reaches of the Bleak Waters. The Tarisian Chroniclers recorded the beast as being a nigh-unstoppable engine of fury and vengeance, seeking retribution for the death of its people. In an effort to stop it, the Tarisian Empire sent its best mages to destroy it as it advanced toward the Isles of Achmennar. The result of this action was known as the Burning of the World, and resulted in the near-extinction of the Elves and the Dwarves. Though many other empires blamed the Tarisians for this event, it ultimately resulted in the Titan’s death, and none were able to raise a force large enough to retaliate against the Tarisians.

Tarisian Empire

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