The wife of Eqkuri, Opara is also known as the Titan Hospitalier, and served in the Titan War by tending to the wounded or easing their pain by killing them.


Opara is usually depicted alongside her husband, Eqkuri, who towers over her and all of the wounded Titans. She was known to carry a dagger at her side at all times, and a small stone chest full of healing salves. Her eyes are often portrayed as being disparate, one red and angry, and the other a light, milky blue full of compassion.

Role in the War

Opara is famous for being the most passive of the Titans. Though her husband was responsible for the deaths of many Old Gods, Opara herself was known to treat the wounded regardless of what side of the war they came from. When a wound was beyond healing, she would lull the afflicted to sleep with her melodies before delivering a swift and powerful blow to the throat to sever their whole head. Because of the rapid healing possessed by the Old Gods, none of their wounds were ever grave enough that Opara needed to execute them. She was killed by an unknown Titan, who accused her of being a traitor and tore her heart from her chest while Eqkuri watched. Despite the act having been performed by a member of his own ranks, it is said that Ekquri blamed the Old Gods for her death and this is what lead to his assault on the Deviarch


The discovery of Opara’s history led to the foundation of the Oparan Assemblage, a group of traveling healers who help ease all wounds within reason and without charging any fee. Many consider them dangerous because, unlike typical orders of healers, members of the Assemblage will somberly execute anyone whose wounds are beyond their capabilities. The Assemblage has no headquarters, and all incoming clerics of Opara are taught their skills as they travel. Many of them even operate without magical healing, believing such things to be contrary to the core tenets of the Assemblage.


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