Located in the center of the Drochdae Sea, Miefarr is considered the “Shining Jewel” of the Tarisian Empire. First colonized in the Second Century Dai Codag by the Tarisians, Miefarr was initially meant to be the new location of the Tarisian capital. After successfully holding off the siege of the potential capital, the inhabitants of Miefarr so impressed the Tarisian overlords that they were granted a small degree of independence.


Miefarr is one of the most diverse continents within reach of the Tarisian Empire, and has benefited greatly from its rapid colonization. The northern part of the continent is characterized by deep mountains riddled with untold caverns and connected to the sea by way of the Pass of Loka. The center of the continent is composed of rolling prairies, with the capital city of Karina located on the Oberian Steppe. To the south lie the Agreddian Moors where the rebel faction of the Red Banner lays its claim. Few civilized lands exist below the Moors, and no royal cartographers sent to the area have returned to report on the area. The seas to the south of Miefarr are a densely populated breeding ground for Kraken, and prevent all ship travel to and from the area.


Miefarr and the Aios Ollmor

Miefarr and the Dai Siochan

The Tarisian Invasion

The Independence of Miefarr


The Invasion of Miefarr Asher_Rosenbloom