The Grand General of the Titan War, it is said that Leraje was as handsome as he was fierce in battle.


Commanding nearly all of the Titans short of Ekquri’s personal armada, Leraje wielded a great bow into battle said to be the size of a mountain, and each of his arrows cut not only through their targets, but created passages to other planes. Many scholars regard him as the true leader of the Titan War, speculating that he convinced Ekquri to rebel against the Old Gods.

Role in the War

It is said that Leraje united the few Titans who had doubts about the war during the first battle, when he felled Harayel, the Queen of the Old Gods with his bow while lacking the support of an army. He then went on to lead the Titans in every battle of the War. According to legend, he was defeated by Sigurad, the Old God of the Winds, who pushed one of Leraje’s own arrows back through his heart before decapitating him with his own bow.


Leraje is the only one of the named Titans to not have any kind of religious following. His symbol, however, is prominent amongst members of the Acveni military to indicate prowess in battle. Those who bear the Standard of Leraje are considered the fiercest warriors in their battalion, whether as close-quarters combatants or archers. The symbol is also widely used in the lands of the Nissani peoples to indicate similar military ranks, with the Grand General of Nissani inheriting the title of Leraje upon rising to power.


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