The capital of Miefarr, Karina is a sprawling metropolis of great cultural and historical significance to the Tarisian Empire. The vast majority of arcane and scientific grants are awarded to academies in Karina, and members of the Tarisian Guard are hand-picked by the Emperor to watch over the city.

Early History

Karina was founded in the Second Century Dai Codag by the Tarisian Empire to serve as a remote military outpost. The original purpose of Karina was to train troops and prepare for a potential invasion by the Acveni. Over the years, diplomatic relations between the Tarisians and the Acveni improved, and Karina was no longer deemed a necessary use of resources. Immigrant Dwarves and Elves, along with members of the Trade Races were given work in the outpost as Tarisian forces were slowly pushed out, until only a handful of Imperial officials were stationed at the outpost.

The Siege at Karina

In the middle of the Third Century Dai Codag, the Trerrians launched an invasion of Miefarr, determined to destabilize the Tarisian Empire. The poorly trained defenders at Karina were expected to fall within hours of the attack, but in a surprising turn of events managed to repel the attackers. The Trerrian army assaulted the Keep of Karina for six weeks while the Tarisian Empire sent a support force to outflank the invaders. Within days of the Tarisian Landing, the Trerrians were soundly defeated. By order of then-emperor Emile Tari, Miefarr was deemed fit to protect itself, and granted limited independence from Tarisian Rule. Since the Siege at Karina, Miefarr has served as a Tarisian colony, subject to limited interference by the Empire.

The Acade Arcanum

The most notable feature of Miefarr’s capital is its vast Arcane Academy, the Acade Arcanum. The graduates of the Acade are considered to be the most powerful Archmages in the world, and are always placed directly into Tarisian employ. Non-Tarisians are very rarely given the opportunity to study at the Acade, and only two exceptions have been made in recorded history: Camille D’Arga of Ehader in the Thirteenth Century Dai Codag, and Razgriz the Indomitable, a mage rumored to have lived during the Lost Years.


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