The King of Titans, Eqkuri was the final casualty of the Titan War waged in the final days of the Aios Ollmor.


According to legend, Eqkuri was larger than the entire Material Plane, and powerful enough to destroy it with a single breath. His footsteps echoed across the whole of reality, and each of his mighty swings in the war sent ripples throughout existence, destroying possibilities in their wake. Even the Gods who looked upon his frightening visage were said to be struck with insanity by the sight, and his banishment is said to have stabilized the Planes enough to make them habitable.

Role in the War

Eqkuri led the Titan War, rebelling against the Gods and convincing his brethren to fight alongside him. Throughout the war, he was responsible for the death of at least six of the Old Gods, and personally led the siege against the Deviarch, the House of the Gods. He was defeated by the four surviving Old Gods: Mahara, Sigurad, Elshanna, and The Exalt, who dispersed his existence and used it to refashion the worlds destroyed by the conflict.


Though Eqkuri’s legend remained prominent throughout the ages, scholarly interest in it did not run high until a late century during the Lost Years of the Dai Codag. Several documents recovered from those centuries detail the rise of the Cult of Eqkuri, and its prevalence amongst the Acveni people. Within areas still dominated by the Tarisian Empire, Eqkuri’s legend is told less as an origin story for the modern planes and more as a “spook story” suitable only to frighten small children.


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