Burning of the World

In the earliest days Dai Codag, the discovery of a surviving Titan led to the unification of all world powers to accomplish a single goal: the destruction of the unnamed Titan. The Titan in question was first discovered in the isle of Gehinnom by the Third Bleakwater Expedition, led by Captain Skylyx Admonitus. The survivors of the Expedition returned to the Isles of Achmennar to warn the residents of the Titan’s approach, but were met with skepticism. Several members of the expedition were executed for their claims, but a messenger from the expedition escaped and managed to bring word to the Tarisian Empire, which led to the first act of the Burning of the World.

The Pact of Embers

Upon receiving word of the Titan’s approach, the Tarisian Empire called in support from the Acveni, the Trerrians, and the Shadow-People of Ehader, convincing them that despite their differences, the Titan would pose a threat to the entire world. Each country sent an army of mages to combat the Titan, sailing with great speed toward the Isles of Achmennar in hopes of averting the catastrophe. This group of mages was recorded by the Tarisian Chroniclers present on the voyage as the Pact of Embers.

The Titan’s Arrival

The Pact of Embers arrived on Achmennar weeks before the Titan, and began preparations for a Rite of Banishment. Several small earthquakes heralded the Titan’s arrival, shattering the foundations of several buildings across Achmennar and resulting in the deaths of many of those still living in the cities. Within a few days, the Titan finally arrived at Achmennar’s capital, but not before crippling many of the outlying towns with his approach. The few members of the Pact not involved in the Rite of Banishment set out to combat the Titan, but they were quickly defeated.

The Failed Banishment/The Burning of the World

Though the Pact members who set out to fight the Titan ultimately failed, their efforts bought enough time for the Rite of Banishment to be complete, and the mages attempted to throw the Titan back to the Plane where it had initially taken form. Much to their surprise, the Titan found its origin in the Material Plane, and they were left widely defenseless. After three days of holding the Titan at bay, the Pact of Embers made a desperate bid to defeat the creature. Concentrating all of their magical energy together, the Pact members created a devastating fireball that scorched across all of Achmennar, destroying everyone on the island including the Titan and the remainder of the Pact. The documents of the Tarisian Chroniclers survived the event, shielded by the last remaining energies of the Chroniclers. The heat of the blaze was felt as far away as the distant coasts of Ehader, and to this day, Achmennar is no longer considered habitable.


The Trade Races were forced to wander the world, their homeland destroyed by the Burning. Some sought refuge within the Tarisian Empire, but many were turned away without a second thought. Those who attempted to join Ehader were never heard from again, and representatives of Ehader deny that any members of the Trade Races tried to approach them in any capacity. The Dwarves and Elves, who had previously made their home on Achmennar were all but eliminated. Dwarven and Elven survivors were found and placed under the protection of the Tarisian Empire, who later relocated them to Miefarr, in hopes that the races could build anew under careful Tarisian watch. Many diplomatic negotiations broke down in the aftermath, as many nations blamed the Tarisians for the destruction wrought by the Burning. The Shadow-People of Ehader especially held the Empire accountable, and began circulating rumors that the true reason for the Tarisian’s arcane prowess was a direct result of the pieces of the Titan’s corpse recovered by the Empire.

Burning of the World

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