Var Lacard


Player: Dylan
Race: human
Class: dragon rider
Alignment: lawful evil
hp 12
ac 16
lance ab 6 damage 1d8 +4
longspear is the same
fort 4
reflex 4
will 2


Var had a great life in the empire, he was just stating his military career and he had a promising career because his father Davious Lacard was a general in the empire. His father leads the finest battalion of dragon riders and he is a very talented rider. Var also has a lover who is in the military, her name is Rebecca Conwarth, and she is a major in the army and she is a very talented sorcerer. It was all going Var’s way till one day he was accused of murdering a member of the counsel. He found guilty and was sentenced to death, but he was able to break out of prison with a lot of help from Rebecca. On the night of his escape he went to his house and got all the necessary supplies and he took his fathers keys to get access to the young dragons. Var went into the stalls where the young dragons wills were not really ready for a dragon rider link, but he bargained with the dragon that he would help him with his life goal if he took Var far out of the empire. On his flight out he swore he would get his revenge on who ever framed him.

Var Lacard

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